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Double2 is a software development company dedicated to designing effective digital products. Formed by a pragmatic team of software engineers and experts of multiple backgrounds whose mission is to develop high impact and scalable solutions that enable businesses to unlock their full potential and create exceptional digital experiences.

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Scalable Software Solutions

We aim to be more than just a software service provider. We aim to be a dependable long-term partner, offering full-cycle, stress-free scalable software solutions. From the initial concept to UI/UX design, development, pre-release testing, and post-release support, we're equipped to be your comprehensive solution provider, taking care of every detail so you don't have to.

Client Case Studies & Successes

EveryMundo, a PROS companyEveryMundo

Double2 & EveryMundo: Collaborative Excellence in Travel eCommerce

In our pursuit to redefine the travel eCommerce experience, Double2 has proudly partnered with EveryMundo to elevate their innovative product - airModules. With over 500 live airModules across more than 100 airlines and clients from various verticals, together, we're crafting the future of fare visualization and eCommerce.

01 The airModules Experience

EveryMundo's airModules are a suite of interactive fare & flight search displays, coming in various visualizations - Bookings, Histograms, Calendars, Lists, Mosaics, Maps, Carousels, Grids, and more. They offer real-time pricing for airfare, hotel rooms, events, with advanced filters for precise selection. For airlines, the modules display fares in dollar values, Rewards Miles, Vacation Packages, and ancillaries like rental cars.

02 Unparalleled Maintenance and Implementation

We're not just maintainers; we're innovators. We expertly maintain EveryMundo's airModules, ensuring they continue to function optimally and adapt seamlessly to the changing digital landscape. Our team also excels in implementing these dynamic, React-based modules for new clients, guaranteeing a flawless integration every time.


Case Study

Double2 & SmartBarrel: Redefining Construction Workforce Management

In our mission to deliver top-tier tech solutions, Double2 collaborates with SmartBarrel to streamline and enhance their intuitive construction workforce management software. Our partnership embodies our commitment to supporting and advancing innovative solutions across industries.

01 Integrated Reporting and Payroll Software

SmartBarrel's software creates detailed reports from collected data and integrates seamlessly with existing construction payroll software. This simplifies accounting, cost management, and reporting, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes.

02 Efficient Maintenance and Feature Development

At Double2, we specialize in maintaining and enhancing SmartBarrel’s software, ensuring it remains the leading choice for general contractors of any size. Our expertise in tech allows us to continually develop new features, enhancing efficiency, safety, and productivity in the field.


Case Study

Partnered with EveryMundo: Some Of Our Valued Clients

american airlines
air canada
united airlines
el al israel airlines
hyatt hotels
air france
copa airlines
virgin atlantic
Air Europa airlines
Turkish Airlines
Air Malta
Kenya Airways
spirit airlines

The logos represented above are those of clients with whom Double2 has engaged in business activities, facilitated through our strategic partnership with EveryMundo, a PROS company. This display is intended to illustrate the breadth and depth of our client interactions and is not intended to suggest direct contractual relationships with these entities.

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